Bumbercrazy 2015: Lightening, Rain, and Music Music Music

Bumbershoot sign at Bumbershoot festival on September 7, 2015 in Seattle, Washington

Bumbershoot sign at Bumbershoot festival

Well, another Bumbershoot in the books and it was a hell of a time. The lineup was chock full of local and national acts, a solid mix that had honestly been lacking in recent years. Until this year it felt like they had been setting their sites toward a younger audience. While the mural/Starbucks stage had been primarily for more country and bluegrass-focused music, that was nearly the only stage that appealed to anyone over the age of 40. This year, it was a much better mix across several stages, though who knows if that’s what the fans want. We’re curious to see what your comments might reveal about your experiences.

That being said, there were a lot of crazy things that contributed to the “new” Bumbershoot, the biggest being the weather. Woah… what nutty Saturday with lightning, rain and delays that could have caused a serious uproar. AEG seemed to keep their cool and did their best to keep everyone informed about when things would be up and running again. Thankfully things got rolling again. One thing that the rain was good for? Catching the parts of the festival that usually don’t get as much attention as music. A good example was an incredible poster show just off to the side of the Fisher Green called the Seattle Havana Tehran Poster Show (or Sht Show Poster Show). A collaboration of poster artists from all three cities that would also have a showing in each of those three cities. As I dodged the raindrops and stopped in to see what it was about, I was excited to see so many others doing the same. Looking forward to catching other not-so-normal Bumbershoot arts next year as well.


Seattle Tehran Havana Poster Show at Bumbershoot ’15

Definitely check out our big slideshow at the bottom of this post, but we wanted to focus in on some of the stand-out acts that really caught our attention. Let’s start with some locals, because that’s what is really exciting… seeing our local seen supported, given a leg up you might say, through bigger and more diverse audiences.



My big local winner for the weekend was Deep Creep. While this band has very little music available and if you check their site, there’s even less about them there, but we don’t care. Members include Seattle music veterans Derek Fudesco, Brian Yeager, Jeff Alvarez, and Andrea Zollo; when seasoned musicians come together a pretty outcome isn’t always guaranteed, but this time they hit the nail on the head. Zollo’s vocals wrap you around her little finger while the beat drives the songs forward, funky and fun. With some punk, some funk and a dash of surfer rock, they’ve got the perfect mix for Seattleites… enough fun beats to dance to but not so much that they have to actually jump around if they don’t want to. Dark and groovy at times, fun and light others, there’s an underlying style there that feels consistent even if you can’t put your finger on it. Let’s hope we see more of these guys around town.

Deep Creep performs at Bumbershoot festival on September 5, 2015 in Seattle, Washington

Deep Creep performs on NeverTamed stage Bumbershoot festival

The Grizzled Mighty has been on my watch list for some time now; the brainchild of guitarist Ryan Granger, they’ve magnificently filled the hole that Reignwolf left us with. Granger started out performing with Whitney Petty on drums (now guitarist of the crowd-pleasing and meteoric-rising Thunderpussy). Recently taking her place is the fierce and talented drummer Lupe Flores. Who knows if this’ll be a permanent change, but the music hasn’t slowed down one iota. With hair flinging every which way both musicians flaunt their love of heavy beats and extended guitar licks giving us the chance to do some hair-flinging of our own as we danced the entire set. While the stage they performed on was somewhat small, the audience wasn’t, they definitely have some hometown love.

Ryan Granger of The Grizzled Mighty performs at Bumbershoot festival on September 7, 2015 in Seattle, Washington

Ryan Granger of The Grizzled Mighty performs at Bumbershoot festival 


Big Acts

One of the big acts that really turned my head, and obviously I’m late to the game on this one, was The Weeknd. He has a charisma that’s hard to ignore. He doesn’t have an insane stage show like Major Lazer or the sexy swagger of Ellie Goulding but he has some kind of magnetism that pulls you in to his performance whether you’re pressed up against the barricade 10 feet away or in the upper stands.

The Weeknd performs at Bumbershoot festival on September 5, 2015 in Seattle, Washington

The Weeknd performs on the main stage at Bumbershoot festival


Another set that blew us away, despite the lack of showy lights (mostly because she performed during the day) was Elle King. Again with the charisma, or maybe it was her voice than entranced me first and that smile that really lured me in… I was a goner. I had to take the time to look into this fine musician and little did I know, she’s the daughter of comedian Rob Schneider (yea… my jaw dropped at that one). Makes me wonder if his voice is as good as hers, but that’s much less important than admiring this rising star for all the talent that radiates from her. Adorable charms adorn her face but nothing can distract from the melodies that escape her lips. I’m looking forward to seeing where her career goes and what is next musically.

Elle King performs at Bumbershoot festival on September 5, 2015 in Seattle, Washington

Elle King performs on Starbucks stage at Bumbershoot festival



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