This ‘r That: Katie Costello of Pretty Broken Things

Pretty Broken Things

Katie Costello of Pretty Broken Things

Katie Costello, the heart and soul of local group Pretty Broken Things, may not be a household name quite yet but she’s made an impression on many a Seattleite, including yours truly. With a voice that can conjure tears in an instant, it’s hard not to fall victim to her enchanting performances time and time again. Katie was nice enough to take part in our This ‘r That series, so sit back and get to know a bit about some Pretty Broken Things.

1. Barsuk or Sub Pop: yes, please?
2. SAM or Frye: SAM.
3. Red Hook or Chateau St. Michelle: Wine for the win.
4. Paramount or the Moore: I have had at least 3 life changing experiences at the Paramount.
5. Northgate or SODO: SODO. Duh.
6. Light Rail or Metro bus: light rail for airport runs.
7. KEXP or The End: KEXP
8. Sonic Boom or Easy Street: Sonic Boom. Excellent in-stores.
9. I-5 or Aurora: Aurora…but never by bus *shudder*
10. Pike Place or neighborhood farmer’s market: I made great friends and great memories busking at Pike Place when I first came to Seattle, but I  am totally infatuated with the Ballard Sunday market.
11. Vivace or Vita: Vivace
12. Stranger or Seattle Weekly: Stranger
13. Archie Mcphee or Top Ten Toys: Magic Mouse Toys
14. Zanadu or Arcane: I’m not super into comics.
15. Trophy or Cupcake Royale: YES!
16. Greenlake or Lake Union: I love Greenlake but I lived on a houseboat in Lake Union and nothin will ever top that.
17. UW or WSU: college?
18. Gasworks or Golden Gardens: golden gardens fostered one of the most memorable nights of my life!
19. Dick’s or Red Mill: red mill. Bleu burger. With onion straws.
20. Top Pot or Voodoo Donuts: no donut is a bad donut. How could I possibly choose?
21. Vancouver or Portland: PDX!
22. Space Needle or Smith Tower: the neeeedle.
23. Fremont Troll or SAM’s Blacksmith: troll
24. Cha Cha or Unicorn: cha cha. Although its easy to get free drinks at unicorn if you loudly announce “it’s my birthday, bitches!” try it.
25. Broadway or Market: market.
26. Huskies or Redhawks: what are those? If we are talkin sports, I have no idea. If we’re talkin animals: dogs.
27. Jive Time or Bop Street: bop street. I could spend a fortune there.
28. Beth’s or Hurricane: Beth’s! But Jason at the hurricane is the best late night bartender I know.
29. Columbia City or Georgetown: Columbia city.
30. Ichiro or Hernandez: Ichiro!
31. Columbia City Cinema or the Admiral Theater: admiral.
32. Crocodile or Neumos: Crocodile.
33. Belltown or Pioneer’s Square: Ballard.
34. Hot Mamas or Piecora’s: hot mama’s. So good.
35. Woodland Park Zoo or Seattle Aquarium: I’m a zoo member. 3 years deep.
36. Volunteer Park or Lincoln Park: volunteer park
37. Northgate Target or Westwood Target: what’s a Westwood?
38. George and Dragon or Brouwer’s: Brouwer’s
39. Ballard or West Seattle: Ballard
40. _______ or _______ PNW or anywhere else: no contest. Leave me Manhattan, I want the evergreens.

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