This ‘r That: Get to Know Lemolo


Meagan of Lemolo

Lemolo is hitting the stage at Columbia City Theater this weekend for their highly anticipated CD release shows. That’s right, I said shows. The band sold out Friday night’s show in less than 11 hours and immediately added a second date (Saturday), thus appeasing those who missed out on the first chance to see this duo in all their celebratory glory. Fans wasted no time grabbing tickets for this rare opportunity and, as of a couple weeks ago, that second date sold out as well. If you were smart enough to grab a ticket to future blissful memories, you’re probably jumping out of your seats in anticipation… at least I am.

We asked Meagan and Kendra, the two gals behind Lemolo’s magic, to take part in our This ‘r That series. They gladly dropped us their thoughts on local Seattle rivalries with Meagan taking the odd questions (in purple) and Kendra taking the evens (in black) so they’d both get a crack at it. You’re gonna love this…

Odds – Meagan
Evens – Kendra

1. Barsuk or Sub Pop: Both, although Barsuk has a cooler logo. I love dogs.

2. SAM or Frye: SAM for exhibition, Frye for everyday.

3. Red Hook or Chateau St. Michelle: Chateau St. Michelle. My gluten intolerance means no beer for me.

4. Paramount or the Moore: The Moore

5. Northgate or SODO: SODO

6. Light Rail or Metro Bus: Neither. Mopeds for the win!

7. KEXP or The End: KEXP. They have given us a lot of love over the last year, and have allowed us to share our music with people around the world.

8. Sonic Boom or Easy Street: Easy Street. I went to my first in-store show when I was 13 at the Queen Anne location to see Rooney.

9. I-5 or Aurora: Neither if I can swing it. I’m a back road kind of girl.

10. Pike Place or neighborhood farmer’s market: Pike Place! It’s all about those little doughnuts!

11. Vivace or Vita: Espresso gives me the shakes.

12. Stranger or Seattle Weekly: Stranger

13. Archie Mcphee or Top Ten Toys: Is it bad that I have never been to either of these? I was raised on Toys R Us.

14. Zanadu or Arcane: Xanadu with Olivia Newton John.

15. Trophy or Cupcake Royale: To be honest, I don’t care for cupcakes. My go-to dessert is dark chocolate, preferably coating a strawberry.

16. Greenlake or Lake Union: Greenlake. Everyone is always so happy there!

17. UW or WSU: Neither. SU is where it’s at!

18. Gasworks or Golden Gardens: Golden Gardens. Bonfires and beach sand are the best.

19. Dick’s or Red Mill: Red Mill

20. Top Pot or Voodoo Donuts: Voodoo!

21. Vancouver or Portland: Portland. I can’t get enough of those food trucks.  And Slappy Cakes is a real blast.

22. Space Needle or Smith Tower: Space Needle! I’ve been up there so many times, I love that view.

23. Fremont Troll or SAM’s Blacksmith: Fremont Troll

24. Cha Cha or Unicorn: Cha Cha, but only for the photo booth in the back.

25. Broadway or Market: Broadway


Kendra of Lemolo

26. Huskies or Redhawks: REDHAWKS (gotta represent for Meagan!)

27. Jive Time or Bop Street: Bob Street. You can get lost in there.

28. Beth’s or Hurricane: Beth’s because I’m a big kid and I love any place that has paper on the tables to draw on.

29. Columbia City or Georgetown: Columbia City. Mainly because I love the Columbia City Theater so much.

30. Ichiro or Hernandez: One time I went to a baseball game and caught a foul ball and gave it to a little kid because he was sad that I got it and not him, and they put me on the big screen!

31. Columbia City Cinema or the Admiral Theater: Try the Lynwood Theater on Bainbridge Island.  It’s gorgeous and the ceiling is painted with stars.

32. Crocodile or Neumos: Neumos. I’ve seen so many killer shows there including Leslie and The Lys.

33. Belltown or Pioneer’s Square: I have had one memorable night in each of these neighborhoods.  Both I choose not to discuss publicly.

34. Hot Mamas or Piecora’s: Hot Mamas. Best late night snack in town.

35. Woodland Park Zoo or Seattle Aquarium: Seattle Aquarium

36. Volunteer Park or Lincoln Park: Volunteer Park

37. Northgate Target or Westwood Target: Where’s Westwood?

38. George and Dragon or Brouwer’s: Brouwer’s for imported beer, french fries and dragon sauce.

39. Ballard or West Seattle: Ballard

40. ____ or _____: PBR or Rainier – Pabst Blue Ribbon. Preferably in a tall boy.


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