SXSW Makes You Manic, Excited then Exhausted. Now Rinse and Repeat.

Inside Right Wrist at SXSW

Inside Right Wrist at SXSW

I’ve been in Austin for… four days. Wait, what?! Ok, I can’t believe it’s been that long. Hmm, yes I can.

Depending on the time of day and which day you ask me, I may complain about my tired feet, annoying crowds and exhaustion or gush about my newest favorite band… which replaced my last newest favorite band from the day before. My arm is full of wristbands (seven at last count and sure to add more) to places I may or may not have actually been to (yet).

I’m having an incredible time, but when I drive around looking for parking, run around to find that next show I was meaning to get to (even though half the time I have no idea what it’s supposed to be) I feel manic, disoriented and just plain overwhelmed. Welcome to SXSW. I’ve shot some incredible pictures and when I finally get a chance to sit down and throw them into a gallery you’ll get to see every single captured moment of my time here. I’ve seen some incredible shows, which you will hear all about when aforementioned time miraculously shows itself. But for now I will leave you with some captured memories caught in the bubble of my mind that may burst at any moment to be replaced with a new bubble of crazy memories.  Meanwhile, you can follow me on IRW’s twitter and facebook where I’m posting photos, thoughts and reactions to what’s going on around me in Austin as well as facebook.

-free monster
-free taco bell
-Andrew Bird 10 feet from me, lulling me into love
-Fiona Apple 10 feet from me yelling into the mic with intensity
-standing in line and meeting fledgling photographers/bloggers from other states
-Hanging out at Stage on Sixth and magically coming across Vintage Trouble
-Seeing Of Monsters and Men without waiting in a looooooong line
-Randomly running into Pacific Northwesterners and getting hugs so far from home
-Being exhausted but still running around to see some of the best music in the world right now
-Blisters magically healing by the power of Band-Aid Blister relief (pure magic).
-Not caring what I’m missing somewhere else in the area, loving every second of the show I’m watching
-Hopping from one divey and tiny bar to the next seeing smaller bands get their names out there
-Free food and booze to keep me going until i can eat something real and grab water
-Getting the hang of being frantic as a way of life.

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