Storytime: Ramona Falls’ New Vid

I’ve talked about the Portland-based Ramona Falls before. It’s pretty obvious I have fallen hard for anything that Brent Knopf is involved in. My crush started back in the days of Menomena with its oddly dramatic feel created through a mixture of woodwinds, piano and Knopf’s mystically alluring vocals. Despite his departure from the band a couple years ago, I still really like their music… but it isn’t quite the same.

My curious attachment to anything Knopf continued when he branched off during Menomena’s unfortunate hiatus to start his own band, Ramona Falls. Somehow every song on the band’s freshman album, Intuit, was a magical pathway to happiness. There isn’t one bad (or even mediocre) song on that album.  And I don’t say that… ever. A second album is always a good litmus test of a band’s fragility or longevity. They may have caught onto something unique and wonderful to start out with (and it may have been a lifetime’s worth of work finally captured on a CD), but if a group can put together another full-length that keeps their hard-won fans, brings in new ones and keeps it fresh all at the same time, then you know any previous success wasn’t just luck. I was worried (and really excited) when RF’s second album was set to release, but my fears were assuaged the moment the music flooded through my headphones.

Knopf kept the fun, flowy feeling you get as a warm summer breeze flows through your hair as well as the dramatic vocals and interesting compositions that I’ve loved for so long, while adding a new mixture of sounds that made me think about what I was hearing. It wasn’t the same old stuff, but not so far fetched that I wasn’t drawn in and comfortable with what he was offering. I’ve gone into a full-on digression here… but it was worth it to introduce their newest video. “Fingerhold” is one of many fantastic songs from Prophet and RF just released its video. Just like his lyrics, this video tells a complete story in less than five minutes. It’s beautiful–that’s for sure–but it’s also a weird window into a story we’d like to be a part of but glad we aren’t at the same time. I won’t ruin it or keep you in suspense any longer. Take a look; you’ll want at least three views… probably more.

Ramona Falls – “Fingerhold” via Stereogum

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