St. Paul de Vence “Spring”: First Look and Listen

by Michael Porter

by Michael Porter

St. Paul de Vence  did us the honor two weeks ago of allowing us to premiere their unreleased and incredible song, “Mama.” They had such an overwhelmingly positive response (and for good reason) to the song and the new video, we both thought it was only right that we give you another taste of their delicious tunes.

Today, we have for you “Spring,” their new tune that we (dare we say it?) may love even more than the last. While it’s not available to y’all quite yet for download or purchase, you can watch it exclusively on Inside Right Wrist right freaking now.

And because we are that way, we’ve got a little context for you, provided by king of the awesome castle, Benjamin Doerr.

IRW: Let’s do this jam again. Tell me about your inspiration for the new song:
Ben: I’d just come back from this amazingly inspirational trip to Cuba with all these new ideas about how to approach the guitar. So, I was really excited about the guitar part I was working with and the melody just floated in on the breeze, it didn’t take much work.

Lyrically it was a similar thing and ended up being from the perspective of someone, perhaps at the end of life, looking at the realities of his, or her, life in love. Other than that, I’m not really sure what it’s about. Sometimes I don’t control these things. I just get the idea, and put it to page like I’m told. [Laughs] The idea behind the feel, the groove, and the horns – this was all very intentional. I had it in my head long before I ever put it on the band.

I wanted to have this kind of ode to Dixieland Jazz in a way, with the horns kind of chaotic and doing their own thing, but at the same time playing through a melodic and harmonic dance together. Michael and Lydia [Ramsey] do it perfectly! I was born in New Orleans and have always wanted to do something with that kind of feel. I love that music from down river, so this is a really fun way to play with our own take on it.

Who played on the song?
As far as musicians go, we switched it up a bit on this one! The band was Benjamin Doerr (vox/guitar), Lydia Ramsey (vox/trumpet), Mike Sievers (accordion), Alex Malloy (vox/ukulele), Kale Lotton (bass), Jonny Gundersen (drums) and Michael Porter sitting in on trombone!

Where was this filmed?
 This was filmed live at the Caffe Mela Summer Concert Series in Wenatchee, WA on July 19, 2013. The video is by Voortex Productions with audio mixed and mastered by Darren Reynolds.

Tell me a fun fact about the experience
I love that you can see little kids spinning around and dancing in the background of the shots from side stage!

Enjoy! And if you can’t get enough of St. Paul de Vence, you’re not alone. Share your thoughts in the comments, cuz these guys read em all! Have an idea for a show you want them to play? A lineup you want them to be on? Have a question for them? Shoot!

“Spring” by St. Paul de Vence // Live in Wenatchee, WA // July 19, 2013 from St. Paul de Vence on Vimeo.

It could again be noted that Scott and Jenny Erickson of Two Bar Productions made all of this possible because they are awesome. 🙂

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