St. Paul de Vence “Mama”: First Look and Listen

photo by Tos Fackenthall

photo by Tos Fackenthall

Seattle band St. Paul de Vence has been rocking living rooms, main stages, and everything in between for the last few years, lending their stories to fans everywhere. Their rich blend of layered sounds and nostalgic lyrics have captivated us since the beginning, and we are stoked to help them share their new song, “Mama.”

This summer, the band got the chance to play at the Caffe Mela Summer Concert Series in Wenatchee, Washington and it was recorded by Voortex Productions (shout out to Darren Reynolds for mixing and mastering, and to Scott and Jenny Erickson of Two Bar for making it all happen).

Here’s the scoop from Benjamin Doerr, singer and guitar player/leader of the pack.

What was the inspiration for the song?
This song was actually started with me picking the banjo in the living room. My 2 year old son really wanted his mama to come home, so he was kind of chanting, “Mama! Mama!” and so I started singing his little chant along with the beginning idea of this banjo lick.  As I worked through the song, fleshing it out, it started to take shape within the narrative of the songs off our first record – it sort of fits the “off to war” theme.  The sweet thing is, I’ll often find my son sitting on the back porch with his ukulele strumming and singing, “I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay!”  Pretty much the best thing ever.

Who are the musicians who played on the song? 
Musicians: Benjamin Doerr (duh, vox/guitar), Lydia Ramsey (vox/banjo), Mike Sievers (vox/keys), Alex Malloy (vox/autoharp), Kale Lotton (bass), Jonny Gundersen (drums).

Tell me a fun fact about the show
It was 100 degrees out when this was filmed.

When will this song be released?
The song will be released on our next recorded project, which is in early pre-production and will be announced soon.

Now, with no further ado…

“Mama” by St. Paul de Vence // Live in Wenatchee, WA // July 19, 2013 from St. Paul de Vence on Vimeo.


  1. Cindy Waller says

    Love it! Great sound. Where can we get the CD?

  2. You guys are freakin’ amazing!! Love love this song. Keep up the great work, all and can’t wait to catch the next live performance.

  3. realllly beautiful video! and i’m lovin’ the energy of the instrumental break & how it builds to the end! nice job guys.


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