Sasquatch Day 2, A Musical Slap in the Face

Photo by Brady Harvey

Photo by Brady Harvey

Shortly after being greeted by the captain of a loon boat, I sauntered over to the Narwhal stage again to start day 2. “Don’t worry,” I said to myself, “you got this.” It’s old hat now. Old hat. I will no longer be intimidated by all these people on molly and will enjoy the music this beautiful place has to offer. Then I got slapped in the face. Metaphorically of course.

Oh good morning, please immediately devour last nights’ last piece of pizza as we shove it into your face and force feed hair of the dog down your throat with a funnel. For we are Hobosexual and care not if you are hungover. We want only one thing. For you to PARTY. And they did. And it was just. And the bros rejoiced.

The last time I saw the Growlers they were all wearing wigs as the sun went down on the roof in Austin during SXSW. It was awe inspiring; so I was definitely ready to party with them again. The Growlers are like getting day drunk at a backyard BBQ. Maybe we’ll play bocce ball in a bit. MAYBE we won’t be able to get out of these chairs. Either way, you best be handing me those chips and another cold beer please. How could anyone dislike that? It’s just not possible. These chilled out surf jams couldn’t irritate anyone. Once again, they played some great songs, I had a great time, and even the potato salad was perfect. tré magnifique.

Shortly afterwards I trekked down the hill to catch the Violent Femmes at the main stage. The femmes came out with all they could muster and looked exceptionally cheery to be playing “Kiss Off” and “Blister in the Sun” again.  I’m not gonna lie. They sounded good. Damn good, but the stage dwarfed them. They should be playing smaller intimate clubs on this tour. They’re a hugely popular band whose sound was made for dive bars. It’s rough out there. The bass player didn’t seem to mind though. He was pleased as punch to be ripping those bass lines we all know and love while the afternoon crooners sang along.

The Grizzled Mighty was in top form per usual, and their collective hair was overtly majestic during this set. All the babies in the crowd spit up aghast at the crazy riffs emanating from Granger’s Les Paul. Petty pounded the skins like a sliver backed gorilla asserting dominance over the entire area. No one could escape their fever inducing rock. They even had dancers. It was nuts I tell you. NUTS.

So I’ve seen Washed Out a couple of times now, and where some bands excel at live shows, I have to say, they just fall flat.  Washed out if you will. (Har har.) Songs with amazing swells like “It All Feels Right” and “Feel It All Around” seem like they were conceived to be played outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. Though maybe that’s best from the stereo you got in 10th grade and not a live band. This is the part where I’m a hater guys.

Panda Bear. Panda bear. I was very excited to see Panda Bear. Again, weird to watch live but at least he had a screen with visuals behind him. I bet the kids on drugs were enjoying it though, and there were a lot of them. Instead of watching the rest I sat down and had a snack thinking to myself “Good Girl/Carrots.” Am I the only lady who thinks this every time she eats carrots? They are indeed good for you, and that’s a track off of Panda Bear’s fantastic album Person Pitch which I love dearly. Maybe I wasn’t into it cause he wasn’t playing anything off of that release and I haven’t heard his new stuff. Eh. Who knows, what a hater.

M.I.A. might as well have closed out the night for me. She brought it. She took it down. She rolled out in heart shaped sunglasses and a golden top over parachute pants like some kind of beautiful Lisa Frank character about to pick a fight in a back alley. She pelted the crowd with “Bucky Done Gun” and “U.R.A.Q.T.” The gorge went off! She worked the edge of the stage with her backup dancers and injected happiness into everyone’s brains. I am dancing just thinking about it right now. Definitely gotta catch her the next time she’s back in town.

My last stop was Tyler, the Creator. I wasn’t really into it, but he too was wearing heart shaped sunglasses. Whitney, drummer from The Grizzled Mighty, had been wearing them too…What IS this? Were they handing out heart shaped sunglasses backstage? Are heart shaped sunglasses the new ray bans?!? I simply MUST know.

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