Sasquatch ’15 Yearbook: Friday’s Superlatives

Remember back in the day when Sasquatch was only three days long? The memories are strong and for me, the Friday day one at Sasquatch still represents a kind of “day zero”. It’s not an easy task to add another day to a festival, but the Sasquatch folks have done a pretty good job. In years past “day zero” hasn’t been very strong, but this year was a step up. With acts from Iceland to New York and Seattle gems in-between, it was a slow, yet delightful way to ease into the fest season. With the rash of beautiful weather it’s a time for us to tear off those sleeves, shorten our pants, and break out the sunscreen; now let’s get to the goods.

There’s way too much to see at Sasquatch, even on a shorter day like Friday. So instead of trying to smash in a full day’s info, we’re gonna give you the skinny one… so here’s our Sasquatch Superlatives, a yearbook of our favs from the first day.

Most photogenic:

Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru at Sasquatch 2015

Bishop Nehru has a ton of energy, lots of movement, a ton of crowd interaction, and good lighting. What else could you ask for?


Most likely to succeed:


Sisters at Sasquatch 2015

Sisters are a little reminiscent of Wye Oak, but with their own great sound. The duo switches back and forth between instruments and has crafted some beyond catchy melodies that won’t leave your head any time soon.


Most likely to cause a riot:

Action Bronson

Action Bronson at Sasquatch 2015

Action Bronson… who knew? Right before the show started I met three girls who had pushed their way to the front of the Bigfoot stage and waited for four hours to see Action Bronson, a somewhat unexpectedly aggressive rapper from Queens. Three songs in he threw a fair amount of weed to someone in the crowd, which I don’t really know how else to elaborate on.


Most likely to start an artist commune:

Little Dragon

Little Dragon at Sasquatch 2015

Every time I see Little Dragon I wonder how much more “next level” they can get. It’s almost like they came to us from a different planet that we’re still trying to understand, but we most desperately want to.


What superlatives will day two bring us? Check back to find out! Until then take a gander at the slideshow from Friday.

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