Local Music Goes Commercial

I’ve noticed more and more lately how many brands have adopted the indie music craze. You know… a commercial comes on and you look up because the song is catchy and fun. Typically it’s a band you’ve never heard of but within six months they’re on tour and playing as an opener at Key Arena. There are several Seattle bands that have made their way onto the small (and big) screen in the past year. I thought I’d compile them all into a convenient and fun little post for your viewing pleasure.

Hot Bodies in Motion on the Abduction soundtrack

Hot Bodies in Motion Abduction


St Paul de Vence, a recent Seattle favorite featured on KEXP and now in REI commercials (their music is in part 1 and part 2 and with lyrics in the “biking” section as well)


The Head and the Heart featured in the end scene for the series finale of Chuck (at 1:35)

The Head and the Heart featured in the first trailer for the new indie movie Silver Linings Playbook (at around 1:28)

There were a couple more I wanted to find like Damien Jurado on House as well as Best Friends Forever (a fantastic show that died after a short first season) but couldn’t find the videos for.

It’s an exciting time for independent music and for being a musician. If you have the opportunity (and Seattle offers an abundance of that) and the determination, you are more likely to be “discovered” than ever before. Success is within reach for so many artists now despite the ability to download “free” (read: stolen) music from the net. You can produce your own albums for a fraction of what it used to cost (taking inflation into account) and you don’t have to be represented to capture an audience or book in some of the bigger venues in the city.

It’s really fun to watch some of the local talent grow and even more of a thrill to see them perform on television; hear their music in commercials, TV shows and movies and rise to a level of success that is just plain impressive (see Macklemore, Allen Stone and of course The Head and the Heart). Go get ’em guys, we’ll be cheering for you from our living rooms.

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