Doe Bay Fest 5 Announcement Party & Line Up

Last night, a couple hundred people gathered at The Tractor to find out who was playing Doe Bay Festival 5. It’s been over a month since we bought our tickets—tickets hard won and without a guarantee of what entertainment would await us come August. Throughout the night, the crowd was treated to performances from several of this year’s performers. First off was Ben Fisher, who busked his way into the heart of KEXP’s Hannah Levin and, subsequently, everyone else.

Next up Pretty Broken Things took the stage, silencing the bustling crowd with their powerful harmonies and delicate violin musings. Throughout the night, sets from Land of Pines, Ivan & Alyosha, Noah Gundersen, Big Sur and finally Lemolo, amped up a crowd already bursting with excitement. It was a sweet balance of joy over the seemingly endless amount of incredible music we have to look forward to and relief at finally knowing with whom we’ll be sharing the Orcas Island paradise.

In between sets, Hannah and Kevin Sur (member of Artist Home, the group who puts on Doe Bay Fest), announced the rest of the lineup and thanked the many sponsors who make Doe Bay Fest possible. We’re looking forward to seeing headliners Blitzen Trapper, The Cave Singers, along with Poor Moon and Portland’s Radiation City.

Seattle favorites Gold Leaves, Kris Orlowski, Motopony, Deep Sea Diver, and the much buzzed-about Kithkin all made the cut. Festival veterans Hey Marseilles and The Maldives will be back this year. Just in case one dose of Dodson isn’t enough for you, Jason will be pulling double duty with his Maldives bandmates Kevin Barrans and Seth Warren in their folky side project, Sons of Warren Oates. Rounding out the stellar line up are Tennessee native Bobby Bare Jr., new Seattle hip hop group Kindom Crumbs, MCs Kung Foo Grip and the dynamic Birds and Batteries.

I’m most excited for performances by recent breakout stars THEESatisfaction, Virginia’s Bison, Salt Lake City’s The Devil Whale, Adra Boo of Fly Moon Royalty (who will be playing a tribute to Etta James alongside Portland Cello Project) and Seattle’s Tom Eddy.

There were many acts we were surprised and, honestly, disappointed not to see playing this year. But as one of the festival organizers said, it’s as much about the personalities of the band members as it is about the bands. There are so many great musicians in this town, but what makes Doe Bay Fest unique is that for three days, a microcosm comes to life. The fact that the organizers understand and honor how delicate the balance of energies is, only makes the festival that much more special. If you weren’t able to make it out last night, catch a glimpse of the acts in our handy dandy gallery below.

Start your calendar countdowns; Doe Bay Fest 5 is 55 days away.

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