Catapult Fest: A Summer Experience You Can’t Miss

Photo by Brianna Lantz

Once upon a time, there was a little music festival in the seaside town of Anacortes, and it was called Bumberpalooza. It was held at the charming Washington Park and hosted a slew of local bands such as The Lonely Forest, The Oregon Donor, The Globes, Land of Pines and Candysound, among others. Joyous young’uns enjoyed the bouncy toys that lined the waterfront while the older kids sat enjoying the sublime sounds of local indie rock. At Bumberpalooza, young and old came out to celebrate summer while supporting some of the best bands of the Pacific Northwest, and they were able to do so from the most picturesque spot imaginable.

I fondly recall my first Bumberpalooza experience.  A bunch of friends and I piled in the mini-van from Gig Harbor, and made the road trip up to Anacortes to experience this festival we had heard so much about. We still look back on that trip as one of the all-time greatest. Not only were we able to catch a bunch of our favorite bands on one stage, but we also had the chance to enjoy the spacious Washington Park, where we climbed and jumped and explored the wilderness like little kids. Everything about that day’s experience was perfect. To this day, Bumberpalooza has supplied some of my fondest memories.

Since then, Bumberpalooza has evolved. First came the name change. The festival has remained true to its spirit but now takes place under the moniker “Catapult Fest”. It has also changed locations, from one scenic park to another. It is now being held at the more accessible Seafarers Park. Another change has been the festival’s expansion to a two-day event. While it was once held on a Saturday, the fest has now added a Friday night to the lineup, boasting a solid three-band bill featuring Cumulus, Special Explosion and Anacortes’ pride and joy, The Lonely Forest. Saturday also promises a full day of the best of the Northwest: Little Elephant, Sleepy Lagoon, Learning Team, The Deep Wake, Feet, The Hague, Cat From Hue, Us on Roofs, Candysound, Whitney Ballen and the Intimates, BellaMaine, Soundoff! 2012 winners Nude, and Kithkin.

I cannot say enough good things about Catapult Fest and the hands and hearts behind it. Its creators are some of the most genuine, caring people I’ve ever known, and they are so passionate about offering young, local talent a place to shine. Their hard work is evident every year, as the fest brings in music fans from many regions and of all sorts of ages. I can’t think of a better place to spend time with some of the best people, listen to some of the best bands our region has to offer, and enjoy it at one of the best spots in the country.

Do yourself a life favor and make your own memories at Catapult Fest this year. It’s not just an event, it’s an experience.

Catapult Fest // Seafarers Park, Anacortes, WA
Friday June 22nd 8pm-11pm, $10 adv / $12 at door
Saturday June 23rd 10am-11pm, FREE

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