Bumbershoot 2012: Tara’s Game Plan

This year’s Bumbershoot, as most years, is an eclectic array of bands, comedians, film and performances of all kinds. While I’m mostly looking forward to the music, I’m always excited for the extras that this Seattle fest has to offer. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the festival, the music and hopefully some fun tidbits from the artists themselves. If you have any suggestions for what I should be checking out, please email me tara@insiderightwrist.com, otherwise here’s where I’ll be:


12:15 PM – TacocaT – Sub Pop Stage – I don’t know much about this band, but who doesn’t love a good palindrome?

1:00 PM – Don’t Talk To The Cops – TuneIn Stage – I saw this wild and crazy hip-hop unit open for Freestyle Fellowship last year and didn’t think much of it, but they’ve been getting a lot of local press so I want to check them out again.

2:15 PM – Skerik’s Bandalabra – Starbucks Stage – Everyone’s favorite local funk saxophonist is at it again!

2:30 PM – Urvasi Indian Dance Ensemble – Kids Zone – I LOVE watching other cultures’ dance traditions… complete with traditional garb?!?! I’m there!

3:15 PM – Gotye – Mainstage – Gotye’s music is great and he’s pretty darn beautiful to look at and, even though I saw Kimbra and him at Showbox SODO in April this year, I can’t imagine missing his set.

3:30 PM – Sera Cahoone – Sub Pop Stage – This is my back-up in case Gotye doesn’t work out. Sera played last year’s Doe Bay Fest in the fog of Saturday morning with her mellow alt-country tunes and it was a magical experience.

5:00 PM – Elvis Parade – Various Locations – I just wanna know what this is all about!

5:15 PM – THEESatisfaction – Sub Pop Stage – Two gals and some hip hop—people had nice things to say about their Doe Bay 5 performance, so I’m going to check them out.


9:00 PM – Damien Jurado – The Promenade – Seattle’s Godfather of Folk is back at it and from what I hear he’s know standing on stage (versus his usual seated position). Can’t wait to see the boys rock out!

9:45 PM – M. Ward – TuneIn Stage – I don’t know anything about M. Ward, except that he and Z. Deschanel are musical collaborators. But, to assuage my curiosity about him, I think I’ll go.


1:30 PM – Katie Kate – The Promenade – White girl rapper with some good beats—could be good? I want her to wow me, because she tried to earlier this year at Chop Suey and did not.


1:45 PM – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Mainstage – I LIKE Sharon Jones, but maybe seeing her live will make me LOVE this funk outfit as much as everyone else does.

2:15 PM – Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme – TuneIn Stage – I heard about this funk band through a former work friend and their percussionist, Larry Rock. I’m probably going to dance my socks off!

2:45 PM – Barcelona – Exhibition Hall Stage – I revisited their music recently and realized I cannot resist their beautiful melodies and enchanting songs.

3:15 PM – Tony Bennett – Mainstage – Does this really require an explanation?

5:00 PM – Fruit Bats – Sub Pop Stage – This indie pop-rock group wowed me at Doe Bay Fest 2010 and I’m excited to see how they’ve evolved since then.

5:15 PM – Why Hipsters? Why Slacktivism? Why Now? – Words and Ideas Stage – This is one of two presentations at this stage that I’m really interested in. Can they enlighten me in some way? I hope so.


7:30 PM – Deep Sea Diver – The Promenade – Jessica Dobson’s indie rock group has been trotting around the country and is back in Seattle, ready to blow your mind.

8:30 PM – Blitzen Trapper – Sub Pop Stage – This name falls out of the mouths of every other musician friend of mine, so it’s time I know what they’re talking about.

9:15 PM – Keane – TuneIn Stage – Honestly I’m most looking forward to this performance. Don’t write them off based on their one low-key radio hit “Somewhere Only We know.” Their post-mainstream success albums are more upbeat and songs are chock full of lovely melodies and beautiful vocals. Check them out and come dance with me!


12:00 PM – The Bushwick Book Club presents Original Music Inspired by a Wrinkle in Time – Words & Ideas Stage – If I can make it in time, this should be fun. The BBC is a group of musicians who write music based on a chosen book. Love the concept.

1:00 PM – Reignwolf – Starbucks Stage – I’m skeptical of one man’s ability to captivate me on an electric guitar’s (unless his name is Jeff Buckley), but I’m gonna try.

1:30 PM – Noah Gundersen – The Promenade – Noah’s set at Doe Bay Fest 2012 is being called one of the highlights of the festival. Having enjoyed his music for a while now,  I already know I will enjoy his intense folk set.


5:15 PM – Why Dubstep? Why Trap Music? Why Now? – Words & Ideas – Yeah… why?

6:00 PM – Bryan John Appleby – The Promenade – He is magic on stage. Singer-songwriter BJA is a favorite of most people I know. He will make your soul happy and your heart melt longingly.

7:30 PM – Lights– TuneIn Stage – There’s a lot of hype around this one-girl electronic experience. Is she just another pretty face? Or can she deliver with talent?

9:30 PM – Skrillex – Mainstage – I’m a sucker for DubStep. I can’t help it. And I predict that, minus the douchebags, this is going to be a really fun set.

Well, that’s a lot of music, but because this year’s line-up has fewer acts I’m interested in, I predict it will be full, but not overflowing. Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces this weekend!


  1. Tara….do NOT miss Reignwolf. I know you may be skeptical, but…damnit, girl. Don’t miss it. You will fall in love as a photographer, as a fan, and as an appreciator of great music and wondermous talent. 🙂


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