Boise, Warm Up Already! Treefort A Go Go

Treefort Festival 2013

Treefort Festival 2013

For this first episode of “Treefort of our Lives” you’ll get a recap of my ridiculous adventures of Thursday’s shows and some photo-y goodness at the end.

From the moment I stepped foot in Boise for this year’s Treefort Music Festival, it felt a little like another planet. I’d never taken a flight to go such a short distance before, but it was beautiful (especially after leaving a rainy, wet and frigid Seattle) with snowy peaks in the distance and sun beating down. I grabbed my rental car and zoomed into the city ready for whatever it is I might find. I still had quite a bit of time before the music started so I grabbed a coffee and found myself in the middle of one of the weirdest weather occurrences yet… (and that’s saying something since I’d been through four types of precipitation in an hour in Seattle):  snowing with bright hot sun beating down. That was the beginning of a very very cold weekend (think low 30’s to high 20’s at night, yikes!). Thankfully I spent most of my time indoors where heat was offered up in spades.

I managed to make my way over to the El Korah Shrine (which is an actual Shriner’s meeting hall… pretty rad) to grab my press pass and find myself some music. Starting off at the Red Room (which was way the heck over on the north side of Main St) to check out Lakefriend, but sadly I wasn’t all that impressed. To make up for it I took a short jaunt over to The Linen Building for Mickey the Jump. Holy hell, I should have started with these guys! I only caught a couple songs but they’ve now made it to my “must check out their album” status. I hung around to catch Hollow Wood, one of the groups I knew I had to see, and it didn’t disappoint. They were probably one of the big winners for the weekend. I tend to love festivals for one main purpose, seeing a ton of groups in a very short period of time so I know who to talk up for the rest of the year. This would be one of those bands. Keep an eye out, these Idaho natives will be coming at you soon, no doubt about it.

Though I have yet to see Foxygen, one of the up and comers with lots of buzz, I decided to stay at Linen once again to catch Terrible Buttons… it was a good choice. These guys hail from Spokane and they’ve got a weird, fun and not-so-Seattle, but still-pretty-Seattle sound. With a lot of trumpet, a lovely voice reminiscent of Tom Waits, and lots of other noodling instruments thrown in without abandon, they got the crowd dancing. You can check out a video from the fest’s performance of their song “Weed and Whiskey“.

I love punk, but there are times when it can get a bit much for me. I didn’t think Pony Time would be one of those moments especially after listening to their produced album (really like it), but their live show felt… insane. Not because the music moved them to it, but because they just did it… not the same thing at all. I know they’ve got some great press behind them, it’s just not my cup of tea. So I decided to leave Red Room once again (there were some great shows in there over the weekend, so keep heart!) and headed back to the nearby Linen Building to catch some bands I knew I’d love. I couldn’t resist catching Kris Orlowski‘s set, he and his band have tightened things up and the new music really kicks some ass. If you haven’t caught a show of his recently, definitely put it on your list. Following their set was The Last Bison, a great band hailing from Virginia and friends of IRW since last year’s Doe Bay Festival.

I chatted a bit with both bands after their set, then really started to feel the wear and tear of jet lag (ha! ok, I was tired… that’s all there is to it) so I decided to call it a night… but only after trudging myself down to the other end of Main St to catch Nick Jaina. This one I was really excited for and after pushing my way to the front of the very crowded Pengilly’s Saloon, I found a tiny table to inhabit for a few moments while Jaina used his acoustic magic to lull me. What a great evening of music, and this was just the beginning. Check back in the next few days for the rest of “Treefort of Our Lives”. It’ll be way better than a soap opera… promise.


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