Chinook Fest ’14 Preview: Bringing A Heavy Lineup

Rust on the Rails

Cody Beebe of “Rust on the Rails”

As the third annual Chinook Fest approaches, I think back on the 2014 Chinook Fest lineup release show in April at the Crocodile.  With two pairs of tickets raffled off, a creative video that revealed the lineup in two parts, and some great musical collaborations with musicians from the lineup, the night left everyone with a sweet taste of what was to come; it is finally here!

I walked into the venue in April to SweetKiss Momma kicking up the energy with their toe-tappin’, tamborine-slappin’ set. These guys were a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see them perform at Chinook Fest with an even bigger crowd and more space to dance around.

SweetKiss Momma

“SweetKiss Momma”

Rust on the Rails was next, and this was their first live performance together after only a small handful of rehearsals. They clearly have a natural dynamic, which is interesting considering they each have a unique sound and different influences. I would not have guessed it was their first performance.

Cody Beebe said in an interview with American Standard Time, “In addition to Cody Beebe & the Crooks, I have a new project called Rust On the Rails with Blake Noble (Australian percussive guitarist and didgeridoo player), Tim Snider (electric violin), Eric Miller (bass player, also in CBC), and Scott Mercado (drums, originally of Candlebox).”  Over the summer, the band had a few more gigs together, but not many.  “Due to our individual schedules, we’ve only played a few shows together so far, but things seem to be coming together really nicely.  Blake and Tim have also played the festival the past two years as solo artists, so having all of us take the stage together this year as a band will be really fun.”

In speaking with Eric Miller at the Crocodile, I asked him if Rust on the Rails was much different than Cody Beebe and the Crooks or if they were similar in sound. “Well, I think some people may say it sounds similar just because Cody is singing, but really, the music is pretty different.”  Be sure to see for yourself at the Fest.

Next, Robert Jon & the Wreck brought their ‘A’ game (when do they not?), and rocked out like they were performing for a packed arena. If you remember my review of them from last year, you would understand why I’m so excited to see them perform again this year.  They have a way of captivating audiences that makes one feel a bit ‘shaken, not stirred.’

Last year at Chinook Fest, I saw a familiar t-shirt on afro Steve of Robert Jon & the Wreck…it was a band shirt of The Silent Comedy.  I got so excited about this connection that I walked up to Steve and probably a bit over-animated, asked him if he knew them.  “Oh yeah.  These guys are our brothers.  We’re family!”  I was stoked, as I had not only been blown away by their performance, but had bonded with The Silent Comedy men at Summer Meltdown 2012; so we took a selfie with my baby girl, Emerson, whose first concert at the age of 2 weeks old was The Silent Comedy at Seattle’s Neptune Theater.

Little Emma and The Silent Comedy. Photo by Megan Kumakura

Little Emma and The Silent Comedy. Photo by Megan Kumakura

So I was beyond ecstatic when I saw that The Silent Comedy was actually going to be at Chinook Fest this year, playing shortly after their San Diego brothers, Robert Jon & the Wreck on Saturday night.

And speaking of Saturday night…let’s talk about Sturgill Simpson for a moment; Cody said in his AST interview, ” When I booked him, I had no clue he’d be blowing up at this point.  In addition to a performance on Letterman a few weeks back, an article in Rolling Stone in July, opening for Zach Brown on a number of summer dates . . . he’s playing Conan on Sept 10th and then heading up to Chinook Fest!  He’s the real deal, and I just know the crowd is going to lose it when he takes the stage.”  I agree, and am really looking forward to seeing what all the great hype is about.

Even though they were able to negotiate larger capacity for this year, it is still on the track to sell out, so hurry up and purchase your tickets here.  Make sure to read through the Festival Info in full before heading over and read the full interview with Cody Beebe to find out why he’s so excited to “debut a new sustainability aspect of our festival.”  Think…crushed aluminum cans used as “pucks” for a giant Plinko game…fun and rewarding all at once.

Dates:  September 12th, 13th and 14th
Location:  2.5 hours east of Seattle in the heart of the Central Washington Cascades (Jim Sprick Community Park, 13680 State Route 410, Naches, Wa 98937)
Age:  Friday & Saturday is 21+ and Sunday is all ages (we even have bouncy houses!) 12 years and younger are FREE.
Tickets:  $90 weekend passes include camping and can be purchased here.



(written and recorded at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA on Aug 9, 2013)

My contributions are italicized – Unfortuantely, we forgot to notate which band member wrote which line

There once was a man

A strange, little man,

who kept a lion under his bed

and a vulture inside his head.

The strange little man,

he severed his hand

with the pen that he writes with.

The vulture tried to scavenge it,

the lion tried to ravage it,

but the pen continued to conquer.

Despite his best efforts

with pulleys and levers,

everyone died…shocker.

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