The Gaslight Anthem Light Up Seattle

Touring in preparation of a new album is tough business. The band must still work out how to translate the new songs into the live realm, gauge the interest in new songs and still play the old catalog and hits. But when you are The Gaslight Anthem, you could play songs from Sesame Street and fans … [Read more...]

West Seattle SummerFest brings the noise July 13th – July15th

Seattle is blessed with plenty of street fairs, neighborhood block parties and “bumberthings”, but as most people know Seattle is NOT blessed with a whole lot of sun during the year. Even so, the West Seattle SummerFest seems to make the sun shine for music fans and this year is going to … [Read more...]

“Runaways”, new single by The Killers!

The Killers just dropped their first single, “Runaways”, off the upcoming album Battle Scars and it is BIG!! The first album, Hot Fuss, wore the bands 80’s influence on it’s sleeve, but “Runaways” is arena rock 80’s! Big guitars and a bass and drum line that locks in and gallops along with Brandon … [Read more...]

The Drums Bring Their 80s Sound to Neumos

Sometimes kids say the stupidest things! Wait, let me explain what I mean by that. I saw The Drums play Sasquatch last year, and they were great. The crowd was full of dumb-ass kids with stupid “Indian headdresses” on, but that wasn’t The Drums' fault. So as I am walking out at the end of their set, … [Read more...]

Honcho’s Quick Lesson: The Art of Booking a Show

Editor's Note: Honcho wrote this up last Sunday so take your mind in a Tardis or Delorean back to Easter. The act of booking a show is an interesting dance. The artist wants the best possible date and venue, while the venue wants the acts that fill up the room and spend plenty at the bar. That … [Read more...]

Happy Valium Times Day from Honcho the Grouch

From the desk of Honcho the Grouch It’s February 14th and Valium Times Day, whoops Valentines Day is upon us again. Some people think of flowers. Some people think of big fluffy hearts and love songs. I think of love songs too, but I prefer the songs of lost or unrequited love or even full-on … [Read more...]

Enter the Honcho

Welcome to the first installment of Honcho the Grouch’s Neighborhood. That is correct, yours truly, Honcho the Grouch is writing at now. Why have I decided to write for this new blog? Well, I believe that the music business is like a neighborhood. Some people are very nice, some … [Read more...]