Bumbershoot Day One: A Mixed Bag of Good and Bad

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Bey oh Bey, You Had Us From the Minute You Stepped on Stage

Beyonce. Beyonce. I woke up this morning and I couldn't believe that today, I was going to see Bey. Because the world is unfair, not all days of a Beyonce concert also include a day off, I had to work. The day slogged on in my no-windows back office. But finally, it was time to go to Safeco Field … [Read more...]

Hot and Heavy with The Hold Steady

Is it true for everyone that with the songs they love most, they find a little of themselves within? Maybe that's why The Hold Steady has earned the title "one of my favorite bands" since I first listened to them in someone's dorm room in 2006. When Craig Finn sings about girls and boys and alcohol … [Read more...]

Fitz and the Tantrums Lit Up Showbox Sodo

Fitz and the Tantrums may just put on the most electric show in existence.  I'm not talking electric in the literal sense, although they have integrated a wicked awesome light show into their set. I'm talking in the metaphorical "sparks and fireworks" sense. When they take the stage, it's a … [Read more...]

The Gilded Oldies and Booming Brass of Cataldo

Walking into Columbia City Theater Saturday night, I was tired. The good sort of tired, after a day of celebrating Record Store Day and brunching and dissecting purchases, but tired nonetheless. When you go to a show tired, I've found that it either lulls you to bed or leaves you wired. Cataldo's … [Read more...]

Agnes Obel: Filling St Mark’s With Just A Note

You would think that I simply went to the St Mark's Cathedral performances last Saturday for Bryan John Appleby. After all, I have written about him several times, gushed over his music and even went to his last performance at the same location a couple of years ago. This time, however, you'd be … [Read more...]

The Head and The Heart, Cliche-worthy

It's obvious that a lot of us here at Inside Right Wrist are fans of The Head and the Heart. At this point it's almost cliche to say that if you're live in or around the Seattle area. As a matter of fact, more often than not I get an eye roll if I say something about them.  Why do I quietly smile to … [Read more...]

Josh Ritter: The Man of Teeth and Tales with Gregory Alan Isakov

If you were sitting in the last row of the balcony of the Neptune Theater on last week, I’m 100% certain that even you were blinded by Josh Ritter’s toothy grin. The excitable singer-songwriter smiled wide as he bounced through tales from his extensive catalog. This acoustic tour featured two fellow … [Read more...]

Deck the Hall Ball: A Photo Diary

We're gonna try a little something different this time around. Our fantastic writer, Katrina, will be writing up a post about this year's Deck The Hall Ball, no question it'll be funny, quirky and great just like the person who will have written it. I'm feeling  a bit saucy today, and instead of … [Read more...]

Susy Sun Releases her Wanderlust EP at the Columbia City Theater

On October 17th, Susy Sun took the stage with her band, the Passenger String Quartet and Vaudeville Etiquette at Columbia City Theater, introducing us to her sophomore EP Wanderlust.  The album release show was beautifully organized with each song presented in a different fashion. She had some songs … [Read more...]