We’ll Miss You, Dave Brubeck: Why Jazz Is Still Awesome

I spent an inordinate amount of time in my youth making loud noises. They tended to be melodic and nice to hear, but it took time to get there. It's where my appreciation for good music, practiced musicians and beautiful melodies stem from. In other words, I was a band geek. From the ages of 8 to … [Read more...]

It’s Record Store Day, It’s Record Store Day!

I bet you thought we'd forgotten, but lo... we have just been so pre-occupied with excitement we haven't had a chance to get anything down on "paper". Standing still wasn't really an option! Ok, ok maybe that was  a bit of a hyperbole but we are pretty dang happy that tomorrow is Record Store … [Read more...]

Easy Street’s Record Store Day Releases

EASY STREET RECORDS Favorites of Matt Vaughn, Pres of Easy Street Uncle Tupelo - The Seven Inch Singles 7" Vinyl Box Set - 4x7" box set includes “I Got Drunk” b/w “Sin City”; “Gun” b/w “I Wanna Destroy You”; “Sauget Wind” b/w “Looking For A Way Out” (acoustic)/”Take My Word”; “That Year” … [Read more...]

Sonic Boom’s Record Store Day Releases

          SONIC BOOM  7”s  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan Adams – Heartbreak a Stranger Afrika Bambaata/MC5 – Kick Out the Jams Priscilla Ahn/Sea of … [Read more...]

Snapshot: SXSW in iPhone Photos

As you can imagine, I was snapping pictures like a madwoman all week last week.  My Nikon wasn't the only camera capturing moments, however. If you follow IRW's twitter account, then you've seen the madness of SXSW through my eyes every step of the way via iPhone captures. I've posted some of … [Read more...]

SXSW Makes You Manic, Excited then Exhausted. Now Rinse and Repeat.

I've been in Austin for... four days. Wait, what?! Ok, I can't believe it's been that long. Hmm, yes I can. Depending on the time of day and which day you ask me, I may complain about my tired feet, annoying crowds and exhaustion or gush about my newest favorite band... which replaced my last … [Read more...]

My Love Letter to The Weakerthans

A little indie band from Winnipeg named The Weakerthans has been together for fifteen years today. In a world where punk bands are reuniting, groups like Duran Duran are touring and The Rolling Stones are still a household name that may not mean a whole lot to music fans. However, to me and many … [Read more...]

Fashion and Music Collide: Kate Spade Brings Girl Power to SXSW

UPDATE: One of our favorites, Mad Maude & the Hatters, was the winner of the Kate Spade Battle of the Bands competition. Hopefully yours truly will be able to catch 'em when they play at SXSW! On Thursday, March 15th a lucky band will be opening for Vivian Girls at South by Southwest in … [Read more...]

Happy Valium Times Day from Honcho the Grouch

From the desk of Honcho the Grouch It’s February 14th and Valium Times Day, whoops Valentines Day is upon us again. Some people think of flowers. Some people think of big fluffy hearts and love songs. I think of love songs too, but I prefer the songs of lost or unrequited love or even full-on … [Read more...]

Enter the Honcho

Welcome to the first installment of Honcho the Grouch’s Neighborhood. That is correct, yours truly, Honcho the Grouch is writing at insiderightwrist.com now. Why have I decided to write for this new blog? Well, I believe that the music business is like a neighborhood. Some people are very nice, some … [Read more...]