Navigating new music: 7 degrees of separation

I have a ton of music coming at me every day, just like everyone else on this big ol' globe. When I find good stuff on my own, that's when it really sticks, and one of my favorite ways to find the most random music is by playing what I call "7 degrees of..." Here's the deal, start with a band you … [Read more...]

Campfire OK feat. Melodie Knight “Our Hearts Beat Light” (VIDEO)

There's something about Campfire OK that makes me feel like I am sharing a secret when I talk about them. The Mychal Cohen-helmed band has been around Seattle for awhile now, but they are still a mystery to so many people. They play sparing shows, always with beautiful extras like a themed set or a … [Read more...]

Local Music Goes Commercial

I've noticed more and more lately how many brands have adopted the indie music craze. You know... a commercial comes on and you look up because the song is catchy and fun. Typically it's a band you've never heard of but within six months they're on tour and playing as an opener at Key Arena. There … [Read more...]

Storytime: Ramona Falls’ New Vid

I've talked about the Portland-based Ramona Falls before. It's pretty obvious I have fallen hard for anything that Brent Knopf is involved in. My crush started back in the days of Menomena with its oddly dramatic feel created through a mixture of woodwinds, piano and Knopf's mystically alluring … [Read more...]

“Runaways”, new single by The Killers!

The Killers just dropped their first single, “Runaways”, off the upcoming album Battle Scars and it is BIG!! The first album, Hot Fuss, wore the bands 80’s influence on it’s sleeve, but “Runaways” is arena rock 80’s! Big guitars and a bass and drum line that locks in and gallops along with Brandon … [Read more...]

Vid: The Drowning Men’s “Disorder Here We Come”

Tonight at Barboza, The Drowning Men are hitting the stage. We came across this little gem of a video and wanted to share it. If you love old sea-based movies and fun rock music, you're in for a treat. Check it out and then head to Barboza tonight to see 'em in person along with River City Extension … [Read more...]

IRW Vid Exclusive: Kris Orlowski’s “All My People Go”

Kris Orlowski has been on IRW's radar for a long time now. His kind demeanor, earnest lyrics and soft-rock/acoustic sound drew us in immediately. One of the many things that sets him apart are the unique venues in which you encounter his performances.  He took part in SeaTac's music initiative … [Read more...]

Blue Foundation: Music Vids Aren’t Always About Their Music

For the first handful of seconds watching Blue Foundation's video for "Broken Life", I was reminded of Patton Oswalt's bit about a man he encountered at an open mic self-dubbed "Dr. Pepper." If you know what i'm talking about you're already laughing; if not, then watch it and then you'll be … [Read more...]

Amnesiac’s Playlist: February & March Mega-list

It's been a little while since the first installment of Amnesiac's Playlist. To catch you up, this series is a playable version of the Shazam songs I've tagged. I have a horrible memory whether it's names of bands, songs, people or pets.  Thank goodness for Shazam and my tags list to remind me what … [Read more...]

IRW Recommends: The Lower 48, Brite Lines, Lower Lights Burning, David John at CCT

Tonight, a little band you might not have heard of, Brite Lines, is releasing their first EP, Make Shift. If you have friends in bands, you've probably gotten a million invites to a million EP/LP/Split/Single releases in the last few months. I have too, but this is the one I'm really excited about. … [Read more...]