Aaron J. Shay Takes His Ukulele Folk Down the Coast

In a city saturated with guitar-toting musicians, Aaron J. Shay is making his mark armed with a ukulele, clever lyrics and an infectious passion for music. He has been making the rounds in the Seattle for years with his street-folk band The Mongrel Jews (they are all Jewish, so it's okay). But now, … [Read more...]

I Fight Dragons… With Vampires?

After waiting in the press room for another band that didn't show, I was determined to get an interview with some other band; even if it was a band I didn't get to see perform during the festival. I decided to bite the bullet and (with some encouragement from one of the press production managers), I … [Read more...]

Megan’s Most Memorable Meltdown Moments With Musicians

I have this habit of  just hanging out with people when I know I should probably be interviewing them.  Awesome for me… not so much for you, our readers.  I never record a conversation, the musicians rarely know that I am a writer and I never want to share the full details of our conversations … [Read more...]

An interview with lead singer Travis Clark of We The Kings

For the current members of We The Kings (founding members Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, Danny Duncan and newest members Coley O’Toole and Charles Trippy), Warped Tour has been an experience of playing to huge crowds at different times of day. It’s a grueling schedule because their set times vary … [Read more...]

Brooklyn in the Howth

I caught up with Brooklyn band Howth as I sat in line for the ferry to Doe Bay. The five piece band was driving the stretch between Los Angeles and Oakland, a couple weeks into their month-long cross-country tour. Aviva Stampfer, keyboarder/glockenspieler/vocalist for the band, filled me in on the … [Read more...]

A Chat With Melodie of Campfire OK

I sat down last week with musician (and friend) Melodie Knight from Campfire OK to talk about the band’s show this Friday at The Crocodile. I partnered up with Morgen and we captured the inside scoop on the band, their upcoming show, why Melodie thinks conversations are an essential part of the … [Read more...]

A Little Time With Jordan Cook (aka ReignWolf)

If you haven’t already heard about ReignWolf’s surprise performance on top of the Easy Street Records van between The Shins set and Jack White’s performance, his rockin’ out on the guitar while sitting on the security guard’s shoulders early Sunday afternoon at the Yeti Stage, the crowd that seemed … [Read more...]

A Giddy Sallie Ford Made My Day

So I walked into the media room on Day 4 after shooting John Reilly & Friends’ classic Johnny Cash & June Carter (minus the fumbling addict part) style, or should I just say a more serious Dewey Cox country performance. I found myself sitting beside little miss Sallie Ford of Sallie Ford … [Read more...]

Good Times With Andrew Wessen + Fruit Loops

Editor's Note: I have been joking around all week about how Megan, the author of this post, is a chatty person. I may be taking little jabs, but honestly I am jealous of her easy nature in almost any situation. The following story about her chat with Andrew Wessen of Grouplove is just one example … [Read more...]

Eric Hutchinson on Moving Up, Living Down

Eric Hutchinson's music has always struck a chord with me. (Ha. Wordplay.) His witty, honest approach to songwriting is a refreshing break from generic clichés; his songs are so blatantly relate-able that you're constantly inclined to nudge the person next to you and give them a "this guy gets me" … [Read more...]