Maiden Voyage at Sasquatch: Day 1

It was my maiden voyage to Sasquatch and I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. The moment I stepped through the gates, I nearly stepped on a swervy snake, and minutes later was taunted by several human sized neon green catfish. There were people everywhere in giraffe costumes, wearing … [Read more...]

Sasquatch: Day Two

Day Two: Finding ourselves camping next to a really awesome group of folks from Seattle & San Francisco, the morning started out right with laughs and delicious breakfast burritos. Not to mention that the sun was shining, though not too hot, in order to make for a beautiful day to come. The … [Read more...]

My Sasquatch Diary, Day One

Day One, Sasquatch: Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was even going to enjoy myself. I figured that between the drunk teenagers and camping in close quarters with strangers, I was just going to barely make it through. But, (wait for it) I WAS WRONG. The best way I can describe this weekend was “good … [Read more...]

Pre-Party-Plan: Our Guide for Sasquatch

As a newcomer to the Sasquatch Music Festival, and perhaps one of the more *ahem* mature goers, I know I need a pre-party-plan to help me maneuver the experience for maximum fun. This will include a list of necessities, schedule of events, and also tips for keeping cool during the hot and eventful … [Read more...]

Looking Forward By Lookin’ Back: Sasquatch 2012 in photos

Last year's Sasquatch was my first experience writing/shooting for IRW, and while I did get a lot of day-time reviews and interviews up, we just couldn't manage to get my big gallery up in the madness of the moment.  Apparently sifting through 5,000 photos and editing a handful takes some time … [Read more...]

Who’s Playing Sasquatch 2013? A Complete Lineup

Sasquatch 2013 is just around the river bend (Pocahontas style) and we are simultaneously so excited it's happening, totally nervous it won't be as good as (enter year here), and nostalgic about (that other time). So, when STG gathered all the people in Seattle who go to concerts and have a Twitter … [Read more...]

That’s Mr. ChesnuTT to You

I was listening to KEXP late last year when I heard one of the tracks from Cody ChesnuTT's (not to be confused with ChesTnutt) newest album. His laid back soulful voice, and the 1940’s musical-esque quality that composes "Chip's Down in No Landfill" piqued my interest. Upon further research, I found … [Read more...]

Sasquatch Mega-Gallery Or The Home Stretch

I was going to try to explain what it was like shooting a festival inside and out. How it's one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever encountered and despite the (at most) ten hours sleep over four days, dehydration, blisters and endless editing I always look forward to the next … [Read more...]

A Giddy Sallie Ford Made My Day

So I walked into the media room on Day 4 after shooting John Reilly & Friends’ classic Johnny Cash & June Carter (minus the fumbling addict part) style, or should I just say a more serious Dewey Cox country performance. I found myself sitting beside little miss Sallie Ford of Sallie Ford … [Read more...]

Good Times With Andrew Wessen + Fruit Loops

Editor's Note: I have been joking around all week about how Megan, the author of this post, is a chatty person. I may be taking little jabs, but honestly I am jealous of her easy nature in almost any situation. The following story about her chat with Andrew Wessen of Grouplove is just one example … [Read more...]