Bumbershoot Day One: A Mixed Bag of Good and Bad

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Bumbershoot 2013 Day 2: Diary of a Wanderer

The problem with Bumbershoot is one that every large music festival-goer has had: Sometimes, there’s so much good music going on simultaneously, it’s hard to see it all. Normally you would just pick your favorites of the day, make sure you’re there for those shows in particular, and try to catch … [Read more...]

A Love Letter to Death Cab For Cutie: Bumbershoot Day Two

I have a lot of weird blind spots when it comes to music, I've been finding out. One of them is Death Cab For Cutie, whom I've listened to for as long as they've existed, but have never seen them live. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because they only played at big festivals, or because I fancied … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot Awards: Jon Gives Out Imaginary Day 1 Trophies

Editor"s Note: Jon Olken is our lovely guest writer for Bumbershoot. He"ll be giving us his totally solicited opinions on all the things all weekend. Check out his preview here and check back for more updates. All photos except Charles Bradley by the lovely Brady Harvey. In the spirit of keeping … [Read more...]

Julia’s 5 Best Bumbershoot 2013 Moments: Day One

As a Seattle native, I've grown up going to Bumbershoot a whole lot. I'm the asshole who interrobangs "160 dollars?! I remember when it was ten bucks. And THAT was a DONATION!" But here I am, getting my 'Shoot on and realizing that this festival is probably worth the money. And every time I stumble … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot 2013 Preview: Four Ways to Enjoy Seattle's Best Fest

Editor"s Note: Jon Olken will be guest writing for Inside Right Wrist during Bumbershoot 2013. He has great taste in music, a definite perspective chock-full of informed opinions, and is Quickly in 40 mg cialis tanning been pharmacy online purchased but click here replacement same product … [Read more...]

Prombershoot Lineup with Allen Stone

The last two nights at The Crocodile have been full of funk and surprises. Katrina and I headed out to Prombershoot (the prom-themed Bumbershoot announcement lineup party) Thursday with little to no idea what to expect. The thought of Prom to a 30-something like myself brings about annoyance, … [Read more...]

El Vez at Bumbershoot

There's always a crazy costume or two to be found at Bumbershoot. This year it wasn't just the fans or participants in Elvistravaganza, El Vez got into the act as well (though weirdly they do sound an awful lot alike). Natalie dropped in on their set and this one you don't want to miss. … [Read more...]

Bryan John Appleby at Bumbershoot

Bryan John Appleby (BJA) has been on IRW's radar for a very very long time. You've heard Julia gush about his live performances, Morgen has shot so many of his shows that she's lost count and now we've sucked Natalie into the mix. He has a way of mesmerizing you without a hint of egotism and you … [Read more...]

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Bumbershoot

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are super sweet and their music is light and fun. Just what you'd expect if someone describes a band as "pop". A little bit rock, a little eighties synth and a lead male vocalist using a slightly higher-than-typical pitch. You can almost see the black and white album … [Read more...]