Bumbershoot’s Final Day, Ending On A High Note

Day 3 was a delight, not only was Solange performing (I seriously couldn't wait for that set), but our hometown super stars, ODESZA were capping off the night. But I'll get to that soon enough, lets start from the beginning. The internet is good for many things, one that I discovered recently is to … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot ’17 Day 2: A Jam-packed Marathon of Music

Bumbershoot lights up the night for fans // All photos by Morgen Schuler Day Two of Bumbershoot was jam-packed with music and people. From Lorde to Weezer and everything in between, there was something there for everyone. I might have legitimately heard every genre of music on Saturday; I was … [Read more...]

Bumbershoot ’17 Had A Sleepy Start Day One, But Ended With a Party

all photos by Morgen Schuler It was a little sleepy at the Seattle Center on Friday night, though we were in the mix of large crowd of teenagers in summer uniforms (read booty shorts and backless cropped tanks) coming out of Memorial Stadium. In fact, as a 35-year old concert goer, I felt old and a … [Read more...]

James Blake Tonight at Showbox SODO

Tonight, one of my absolute favorite artists James Blake is coming to the Showbox SODO. At just 25 years old, he is a relatively new artist and a pioneer in the electronic and experimental realms. His 2013 sophomore album, Overgrown, tops my list for this year's releases. Blake's smokey, soulful … [Read more...]


Though Seattle’s music community was already singing its praises, Phantogram didn’t catch my attention until recently while listening to local favorite KEXP on my radio dial. As per usual, KEXP plays an awesome song and I look up said song on cell phone while avoiding traffic accident. Thankful for … [Read more...]

Review: Patrick Foster and The Locomotive CD Release at the Triple Door

I wasn’t planning on writing a review about this show, as the Patrick Foster and the Locomotive CD release show on 8/15 at The Triple Door was really just an opportunity for me to hear some friends play music. I knew that I would enjoy the openers, Courtney Marie Andrews and Eternal Fair, but I … [Read more...]

Sasquatch: Day Two

Day Two: Finding ourselves camping next to a really awesome group of folks from Seattle & San Francisco, the morning started out right with laughs and delicious breakfast burritos. Not to mention that the sun was shining, though not too hot, in order to make for a beautiful day to come. The … [Read more...]

My Sasquatch Diary, Day One

Day One, Sasquatch: Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was even going to enjoy myself. I figured that between the drunk teenagers and camping in close quarters with strangers, I was just going to barely make it through. But, (wait for it) I WAS WRONG. The best way I can describe this weekend was “good … [Read more...]

Pre-Party-Plan: Our Guide for Sasquatch

As a newcomer to the Sasquatch Music Festival, and perhaps one of the more *ahem* mature goers, I know I need a pre-party-plan to help me maneuver the experience for maximum fun. This will include a list of necessities, schedule of events, and also tips for keeping cool during the hot and eventful … [Read more...]

Bonobo: A Name in Lights

Last Thursday, I braved a school night to watch Bonobo perform a sold out live set at the Showbox Market. My friend Ashley accompanied me because, as everyone knows, concerts are more fun plus one. Upon checking our coats and grabbing a couple of drinks, we scoped out the rest of venue for a prime … [Read more...]