Hot and Heavy with The Hold Steady

Is it true for everyone that with the songs they love most, they find a little of themselves within? Maybe that's why The Hold Steady has earned the title "one of my favorite bands" since I first listened to them in someone's dorm room in 2006. When Craig Finn sings about girls and boys and alcohol … [Read more...]

New Music: Ticktockman ft. Meagan Grandall of Lemolo

When I first saw Seattle band Ticktockman at the Comet back before the booths were something you'd actually want to sit in, the band hooked me with lead singer Ryan Van Wieringen's unpredictable and enrapturing vocals. When your friend tells you to come check out their band, you should always go in … [Read more...]

The Gilded Oldies and Booming Brass of Cataldo

Walking into Columbia City Theater Saturday night, I was tired. The good sort of tired, after a day of celebrating Record Store Day and brunching and dissecting purchases, but tired nonetheless. When you go to a show tired, I've found that it either lulls you to bed or leaves you wired. Cataldo's … [Read more...]

Falling Slowly, Then All at Once With Cataldo

Lately, I've been in a music slump. There's been so much greatness in our dear Emerald City and in 2014 as a whole, but I just haven't felt that sense of urgency to give my time to it. There is one exception to all of this: Cataldo's album Gilded Oldies. I found Cataldo a few years back and from the … [Read more...]

Radical Face Delivered Sunday’s Best at the Tractor

Radical Face (A project of Ben Cooper backed by his friends on tour) started Sunday night at the Tractor by warning the sold out crowd that since it was his first time playing seattle, we should all keep our expectations low. Apparently the guy has a pretty bad track record of not doing so well the … [Read more...]

Radical Face At The Tractor: Sunday Prayers Answered

One of my favorite things about the summer festival season is falling hard and fast for new performers. Sure, you'll spend hundreds of dollars for camping and a four-day pass in order to see your favorite headliner, but more often than not, I've found that most of the time I depart the gates … [Read more...]

Lucius + Seattle = True Love

I had butterflies waiting for Lucius to take the stage Friday at Columbia City Theater. This is a band I’ve found myself playing on repeat for hours on end. Their EP fell into my hands at the end of summer, and ever since NPR put up the stream of their debut LP (out on Tuesday, October 15), my … [Read more...]

Dance It Out With Lucius Friday at Columbia City Theater

My name is Lindsey and I like to dance. And not just in the way Seattlites do where we cross our arms and sort of shuffle back around, and maybe allow our hips to wobble. I like to dance with reckless abandon, and I’m always excited when I find an artist whose music seems to encourage just that. … [Read more...]