Leathan Milne with a Prize Ending.

Since watching Leathan Milne open for Gregory Alan Isakov two days ago I have listened to his album on non-stop repeat.  This  A) gives it my highest possible rating of share-worthiness and B) leaves me further questioning where exactly I sit on the scale of obsessive compulsion.  But enough about … [Read more...]

Weather Warning: Typhoon at the Tractor

Alright Seattle-town, it’s confession time. I have a shady musical past. I, your fearless music lover from the North, was raised on popular country music. I don’t mean passively raised on it as in "it was kinda on the radio as we sped down the Prairie on the way to hockey practice", I mean … [Read more...]

Northern Exposure: Buck 65 Heads to the Tractor

As the Canadian contributor, I feel it would be best to open my first piece with an apology, a) because my people are purveyors of some of the finest apologies on the planet, and b) because I’m sincerely, from the depths of my maple syrupy sweet soul, sorry about the whole Nickelback thing.  You … [Read more...]