Sasquatchin’ Day 4: Thanks For All The Memories

It’s day four, are you spent? I think I may need a kick in the pants, or some early afternoon ROCK AND ROLL! Thunderpussy Molly Sides and the rest of Thunderpussy strolled out onto the main stage glistening in skin tight threads. As the fog machines roared to life with the first lines from … [Read more...]

Sasquatchin’ Day 2: Thank You Sir I’ll Have Another!

It’s DAY 2! Are you sleepy? Have you seen enough white males wearing kimonos, headresses, sombreros, and dashikis that your eyes have started bleeding? Maybe it is just all the dust? Let’s get back to things that will warm your soul instead. Brothers From Another In true BFA fashion, their … [Read more...]

Sasquatchin’ Day 1: The Festival Life

Vilkommen one and all to my second voyage to the GORGE-OUS mecca of crazy festival wear, SASQUATCH!. Everyone tries to outdo each other at this festival. Whether it’s “wacky” clothing, holding strange illuminated animals on sticks or just looking cooler than you ever will, they are all silently … [Read more...]

Sasquatch Day 2, A Musical Slap in the Face

Shortly after being greeted by the captain of a loon boat, I sauntered over to the Narwhal stage again to start day 2. "Don't worry," I said to myself, "you got this." It's old hat now. Old hat. I will no longer be intimidated by all these people on molly and will enjoy the music this beautiful … [Read more...]

Sasquatch Through the Eyes of a Fest Newbie and Seasoned Photographer

Despite my years of music photography, it was my maiden voyage to Sasquatch (and the Gorge!); I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. The moment I stepped through the gates I nearly had a run-in with a swerving snake, and minutes later was taunted by several human-sized neon green catfish. There … [Read more...]