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We are looking forward to becoming a more integral part of this already incredible community by giving and supporting both new and established sources, bands and most of all… fans. We are interested in creating lasting relationships with everyone involved in what makes Seattle music so great.

There is no agenda and no rules set in stone here at IRW; we are up for whatever the scene throws at us and you, as our readers, want to know. We have a passion for local music but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about national and international acts, too.

The contributors to this site each have their unique perspectives and while they may not always share the same opinions as the rest of us, we feel that music is meant to be discussed, loved and enjoyed by any and every person it comes in contact with in whatever ways they see fit.

This site is for music lovers… whatever that may mean to you. If there’s something you want to tell us, then please feel free to drop a note. If there’s something that you love that you think is lacking or a topic that never gets any press, tell us! We want to know what you’re excited about. Chances are, one of us will be excited about it too.

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